Cress by Marissa Meyer (Margarida)

This book was definitely the best yet of The Lunar Chronicles! I loved it! It kept me on edge like WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN?! OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPENED?! OMG NO! OMG YEY!!That was me while reading the book. There was on thing that was predictable but damn the way that it was discovered in the book *tears* 

Thorne oh Thorne *sigh* You guys don’t know how much I love him. He’s just perfect and he’s cocky and funny. He says he’s not a hero but he’s one! He saved Cress. God I so ship this two!!! They’re so cute together!! Thorne always trying to protect her and doing everything for her. OMG THE KISS! OH THE KISS. *-*

Cress omg this girl!! She was so funny with her fantasy that she would meet Thorne and he would fall in love immediately and they would be happy forever. I’m not going to make fun of her because I have same fantasy. Thorne will show up at my door and he will fall in love with me. I know he will.

A lot of things happened in this book! I MEAN LIKE A LOT! What have you done with my life Marissa?! I need Winter!!

Oh god poor Wolf and I can’t even. He’s in a lot of pain! I DON’T LIKE THAT. 😦

Cinder finally had a brilliant plan!! When the plan started to happen I just could not stop reading!! I was with my fingers crossed thinking please please let the plan work pleasee. And yey it worked and though not everything went has planed, it worked and now they’re pretty close to finish this thing. OMG CINDER & KAI! You guys! It was so funny and then it was so adorable! Please be together!!

I hope Queen Levana will have the a  really bad death. With a lot of torture. Oh it will be fun.

This book introduced some new characters. I didn’t trust any of them. Jacin….I just don’t know. The bitches in the desert. Those I hate and I knew I shouldn’t trust them but did do something good though they don’t know it eheh. Princess Winter. Wow girl you’re a bit crazy aren’t you?!


5 stars

Full Review –> with spoilers


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