City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare (Joana)

Is the second time that I’m reading this but just like all the others Shadowhunter books I never wrote a review (a decent one at least).


TMI and TID are one of my favorite series and the books get better and better – and more painful – every time. I love City of Bones but it was not one of my favorites. City of Ashes still isn’t one of my favorite but it’s so, so good.


I have so many feeling about these books that I can’t even start by telling how I feel.


This review contains SPOILERS not just for City of Ashes but the next books as well.


I love that in this book, and from now one, he don’t have just Clary’s POV. I love reading Jace’s and Alec’s POV. I wish that there were more. And unfortunately we also have Simon’s.


I say this every time I can’t help myself but I really dislike that boy. I guess he’s not was annoying as a Vampire as he was a mundane but still I can’t stand him. When I first read this I was really happy that he was a vampire because I thought since he couldn’t walk in day light he would n’t be showing up so often but then he gets himself almost killed by Valentine and Jace saves him by making him drink his blood and Simon becomes a day walker. -.-


My dislike for Simon reflects a bit on Clary. I like her, I do, but when it come to Simon she becomes so annoying!!


I have a really troubled relationship, conflicted feelings and confused thoughts about some characters in this series.


Imogen, Maryse & Robert Lightwood, Stephen Herondale,… basically the one somehow involved with Valentine and The Circle.


First Imogen I want to hate her with all my strengthen for the way she treated Jace, for all she did too him… and I did hate her but when she saves Jace and now that I know that she was Jace’s grandmother I just don’t know what to say.


I don’t know much about Robert but I don’t like him very much but then I think of Michael Wayland. They were Parabatai and Michael died and that is a subject that makes my heart hurt so much and I fell so sad …


Stephen… I just feel so sad about him. But kind of disappointed too. He’s a Herondale, a descendant of my dear Will and it hurts me so much that he made all those bad choices. I was not bad but I just… He was a Herondale and and… It is painful.


Of course we still don’t know that in this book but Jace is an Herondale too! :’)


It was so frustrating. Every single time that someone was going to say who Jace really is and that he and Clary are not really siblings that person either died or something would happen and they would shut up.


I can’t start by saying how much I love Jace. He may be on of my favorite characters ever. He is just so… god why can’t I explain what I feel??


The kiss.. that kiss in The Seelie Court… I almost died. Damn hot. So intense, so passionate so… incredible! Jace, Jace, Jace ❤


I love Luke. Just like that. I like everything about Like. He’s an incredible man.


Alec and Magnus are so cute. God I love them and with the date of the release of City of Heavenly Fire approaching is becoming harder and harder to keep myself together.


Every single little thing about that book screams PAIN and Malec being over. I just can’t deal with this feeling and the book is not even out yet. This is going  to be like Clockwork Princess all over and I’m not sure if I can handle another book like that.

5 stars

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