Nothing but Shadows by Cassandra Clare || Carolina

Nothing but Shadows (Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, #4)Nothing but Shadows by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was by far my favorite so far. It was a little piece of perfection. For two reasons. First being Jem and Will and their boys. Secondly because Simon finally came to his senses!

I loved Jamie and Matthew’s story. I must admit I had a hard time liking James for the person he was and not for his parentage. But he eventually grew on me. On the other hand, Matthew was love at first sight. I adored him. LIKE TRULY ADORED HIM! He was funny and caring. He was sweet and brave. He was perfect and perfect.

I need more.

Another thing I really loved about this was all the
stuff. The mentioning of Jem and Will’s bond. The way Matthew and Jamie came to be parabatai. And finally Simon’s choice. I’m dying to see how this will end.

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