The Heir by Kiera Cass || Carolina

The Heir (The Selection #4)The Heir by Kiera Cass

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re looking for until they find it.”

The Selection wasn’t my favorite trilogy but for some reason I was dying to read this book! I blame it on the addictiveness of this books! Once your start, it’s so hard to stop. The story is fast paced and has so many good characters.

So the worse flaw in the Selection trilogy for me was America. She could annoy the hell out of me. And I thought, well no one can be worse than Mer. But then…I met Eadlyn and I almost wished we were back in America’s head. The princess is spoiled, bratty, selfish and thinks everyone loved her and that she doesn’t need anyone to support her. That she’s alone can rule the country without help. Like what the hell girl! Where did you learn that?! Because I saw Maxon and America ruling together perfectly, and even then they were both exhausted. Every time someone called her on her stupidity I was applauding in the background. I really hope she gets some sense into that head of hers ASAP.

The boys…those are total different story! I love most of them! Thankfully I don’t ship her with all the ones I love because that would be a hell of a headache. More than it already is.
The ones I love the most and ship with Eadlyn are Kile and Henri. Specially Kile because I think they are perfect for each other and I thought so since the moment I first saw them cross paths.
Another one I really love is Erik. A shame he isn’t a Selected tho.

Some of my favorites parts were when she was with the boys, but only with the ones I like. The cooking was something… The baseball game was freaking awesome. And I also loved every interaction between the princess and her twin, and when the four siblings were together… holy hell! Adorable! Maxon and America, you did a great job!

I loved seeing Maxon and America!!! Together or one of them with Eady. It was just so adorable! And I must say being a Queen was good for America, I really liked her in this one. I also loved seeing Aspen, May, Marlee and Lucy!

That end though! For one thing I’m excited for the other I’m terrified. And the end was sad and adorable all at the same time. I’m super curious to find out how Eadlyn will end the Selection and who she will pick. And most of all what will she do about the rest of the boys! The ones that don’t end up with her. Next book, I’m ready.

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2 responses to “The Heir by Kiera Cass || Carolina

  1. Eadlyn frustrated me as well. She was not that likeable though I hope she improves in the next book. I’m definitely shipping her with Kile because I just think it’s cute that they have known each other since they were kids. Henri is not bad, but the language barrier is going to make it difficult.On a different note, I think that the first three books were much better.

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