Proxy & Guardian by Alex London (Joana)

IMG_0535 Proxy (Proxy, #1) by Alex London 

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I really kind of liked this book.
It didn’t met my expectation on some levels but I really liked it all the same.

I loved the world building and the technology behind all of it.

I didn’t really connected much with the characters. They were all to self-centered and selfish. But the way they were it fit in the world they were living. I guess that I can stay that in the end the one I most liked it was Knox.. but only because of somethings…

The thing that didn’t met my expectations was Knox and Syd’s relationship. I thought that they would have romantic moments, that thwy would fall for each other but until the end of the book that didn’t even had some bromance moments.

I totally saw Knox’a sacrifice coming. It made me a bit sad. It was a bitter ending. Knox is gone and I’m not even sure that uploading the virus was such a great idea.

Those last moments with Knox and Syd were really great.

I’m starting Guardian now. Let’s see what comes next.


Guardian-Alex-London Guardian (Proxy, #2) by Alex London 

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Oh well.. I knew that shutting down the network wasn’t going to be good.. I don’t even know if things were worse in this book or in the previews one.

It really enjoyed readying this. I still felt sad for Knox being gone but I really liked Liam.

Just like in the last one, I really wished there was more romance to it. I would have liked seeing Liam and Syd together for longer.

But I liked the ending. I’m happy they are together. Maybe this time the system will work….

Part of me wants a third book but other part says that in the way things ended a third book would be to much.

Let’s see.. If eventually Alex London writes another one I won’t say no to it.




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