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The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #13)The Shadows by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edit #2

This book was everything I expected and even more. Trez and iAm had a big influence in that, but having chapters with Rhage’s POV helped a lot. I missed him so, so much! Seeing him with Mary and struggling with his past was heartbreaking and beautiful. And I need more from the rest of the Brothers. Speaking of them, in this book we had a lot of moments between the Original set of brothers, and guess what, I loved every single moment of it. And when Lassiter participated oh well, it was the funniest! I really love that angel.

Another POV I loved was Xcor’s and Layla’s. And I’m really hoping next book will be theirs. I like Layla, but I love Xcor. I still think that with a little of work and talk the Bastards could end up being good allies to the Brothers. Every one but Throe. That bastard has to die. And soon.

I also loved meeting Paradise and Craeg! And it only made me crave Blood Kiss so much more!!!! I just can’t wait for December to arrive.

The chapters I didn’t like were Assail’s and the Forelesser’s. I despise Assail. I can’t understand why so many people love him. He’s a drug addict for god’s sake. And I know some Brothers have their addictions, but for some reason sniffing cocaine is a big turn off for me. Unless he stops and grows some balls I will probably kill someone while reading his book when the time comes.

Now let’s talk about the two main couples in this book. First Trez and Selena. I loved seeing them together, and I was expecting the end, so it broke me because of everyone’s reactions but yeah, I was bracing myself for it since the beginning of the book. But when Trez was close to it himself I almost had a heart attack. And I’m not even kidding.

iAm and his girl were my favorites tho, even if I felt they fell too fast and with too little talk, I really liked how things evolved between them. And I wish they had met sooner so I could have seen more of them together.

After all this, I don’t think I need to say much about the ending. I really liked how things turned out. Obviously it could have been even more perfect, but I understand Ward’s thinking.

And I think she’s a little confused with timelines. Rhage mentioned that two years had passed since he got his Mary, but that kinda of impossible right? Just think of Bella, she was pregnant more than a year, and her young is not months old. So, Ward is confused and she’s confusing me. But timelines are always hard to right so I don’t give a shit. As long as everyone is happy, I’m happy.

Edit #1

I’m so excited for this book you can’t even begin to imagine it!


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