Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux (Joana)


 Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) by Abigail Roux 

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!



I almost lost my sanity waiting for this book. My twitter followers know it. I was losing my damn mind with the wait but when I finally got it it took me a while to start reading because I was panicking.

I had to get my shit together to be able to finally start reading it and when I did, I couldn’t stop.

This book was blow after blow and my heart kept breaking over and over.

“Twenty-three days, nine hours and fifty-one minutes.”

Oh boy, that scene shattered me in ways I didn’t knew it could be possible. I literally felt my heart being ripped apart. I couldn’t even breath because of how hard I can’t crying.

Ty and Nick’s friendship is everything and it hurt so much. Things were already bad, Ball & Chain killed mebecause of them being mad at each other and then this and seeing Kelly so mad too… Gosh. It was a stab in the heart.

I never once thought about the possibility of being Nick who killed Burns so that took me completely by surprise. I’m glad he did it though, for everything that bastard did. I’m just sorry this hurt Ty so much.

“I see you got more holes in your boat.”
“It still floats.”

I think this summarizes Nick and Ty’s relationship quite well.
One more time I sobbed like a baby, when they finally forgave each other. That hug.. And then Sidewinder hug… Just beautiful.

Nick’s “death” scene also broke me.
I was totally seeing it coming because Abi had already posted that scene, and I knew Nick couldn’t be really dead but still, I broke down sobbing and I my heart shattered once more. Seeing Ty so desolated and then my poor Kelly and the rest of Sidewinder… It was awful. The kind of pain that I imagine and think for a bond like these guys have is just fucking unbearable.

Fucking Liam Bell is a walking nightmare to me. That bastard! Most of the time I want to punch him like Kellyand knock him out so will shit up, but at same time I like him!And I feel sorry for him and all.

Damn Liam Bell.

I was mad at him and I has also mad at Nick.

“He stole you from us. He stole you from me. And the only thing you can do is sit there and defend him.”

Like Kelly I had the feeling that he was stealing Nick from them. But Nick is fucking smart and I love him and I love Kelly with all my heart and I can’t wait for more of there books because they have much shit to work on and they are amazing together and I just need more.

“I’m here with you, babe. I’ll stand with you no matter how fucking stupid you are. And if we fall… We’ll do it together.”

Preston’s death broke me to pieces. I can’t get over it. I can’t believe my baby died specially like that. I feel in love with Preston since the first time we saw him. I loved him.He was so my kind of guy. His loyalty through Julian, his quiet way of being, his sarcasm and his deathly skills… Dammit I loved him!!! I has so happy when he showed up again and now he’s gone for good and I’m so not okay with that! Why him??
Poor Julian. His reaction… I can’t even imagine how much he must be suffering.

I can’t believe Preston is dead I just can’t. It’s to much for me to handle. I loved him so much!! My baby. Why him, Abi? Why him?

“I’m here, sir.”

My heart is broken to pieces. I’m not okay. One more death I’ll NEVER het over it.

Zane. I never doubted Zane because we’ve been inside his head for to long to miss something that big, but damn son, was he convincing. I think I actually stopped breathing for a second in that scene.

“I promise to never leave you alone in the dark.”

Ty and Zane are my babies. I’m not ready to say goodbye. I’m not. If not for the Sidewinder books and knowing that we’ll still get to be in this world and see Ty and Zane I would be a wreaking emotional mess. Okay I kind of already am but it would be even worse.

I loved how things turned out. I wasn’t expecting for the wedding being this soon in the book, though. I would have like to see the wedding with their families and Sidewinder in their dress blues. It was beautiful all the same.

I was also expecting more interaction between their families. I was kind of really excited for that part, seeing them meet for the first time, the dynamics, lots of funny parts… We didn’t get that but given the circumstances they were in this was nice too. I’m proud of Zane’s mom for finally coming around. It was really nice. I love their families.

“What good is to save ourselves if we sacrifice who we love along the way?”

It was heart breaking when Ty thought Zane was death and vise verse. Fucking heart breaking. And when Ty agreed to work for the CIA my first thought was “Ty, you fool.” But then I started thinking and realized that that is the perfect life for them. And Spooks are kind hot. Really hot. Like Preston.. *sobbing*

Anyway, like I said I like how things turned out. This life suits them. The book store, two kitties , a CIA badge and a gun that allows Ty to shoot things. The two of them happy together and all the Sidewinders alive and causing troubles.Having Ty & Zane working for the CIA also added to me wanting more books. Just imagine all the stories, the adventures and all the mess.


I have to comment on one last scene that made me laugh a lot:

Nick: “Garrett! The laces on those boots, the plastic thingies have modified handcuff keys on them.”
Zane: “The aglets?”
Nick: “The what?”
Zane: “Aglets. Plastic thingies.”
Nick: “Why do you know what those things are called?”
Zane: “Phineas and Ferb.”

Oh god, I’m sorry but I laughed so hard because I know the name of them thing for the exact same reason and I’m sorry but I laughed. xD


I’m still not sure what to do with my life right now. I’m going to miss this and I’m already desperate for the next Sidewinder book.

This is one of my favorite series ever. Thank you, Abi.





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