World After by Susan Ee (Margarida)

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)World After by Susan Ee

I was really surprised with this book !!!!

First of all I need to say that Penryn is one badass heroin!! I love love love her!!! I want to all those tricks! I loving her fighting!! She’s so loyal to her family I also love that about her

I was sad Raffe wasn’t much in this book but when he was oh my I love him! I want more moments between him and Penryn 😦

I loved freaking Pooky bear!!! Loved it!!! Though I’m sad it didn’t show the kiss from his perspective 😦

I’m super curious about Paige I want to know more about what happened to her and why is she so important? I guess I kinda had a glance of it but again I need more!!!

Can’t wait to read the last one!!! So excited to know how it ends

4,5 star


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