Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward Review + Thoughts About The BDB Series (Joana)


Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5) by J.R. Ward

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!


This isn’t just a Lover Unbound review. Since this was a reread ant that I’ve already read all of the books of the series this will most likely contain major spoilers for all the other books. 

Also, I’m using this review to express some of my thoughts and feels about the whole series and recent announcements.


Vishous is my very favorite Black Dagger Brother! No arguments can be made that can change my mind. The image that I have of him in my head turns my legs into jelly, makes my heart melt, my brain stops working and I become a babbling mess.

I love Vishous with all my heart.

He’s so hot and breath taking. But I don’t just love him because of how good he looks or the way he carries himself or acts or.. or… I love him so very much becausehis mind is sexy as hell! His intelligence does a number on me.

And the sex?! So fucking hot! I’m usually not into this kind of sex but with Vishous I would totally do it. So fucking HOT!

Jane is the luckiest girl ever!

I’m so freaking jealous of her but I’ve got to admit that she’s one of the females that I must like. She’s a fierce thing. Open minded and not judgy (about the sex, the killing and other stuff). There’s no bullshit with her and she gives as good as she gets. I like her very much.

Vishous and Butch’s relationship… Sweet jesus, their relationship is more than bromance. God, I love them both together.

Since I’ve read all the others going back in time is strange but I love it.

I guess this is where my not so random thoughts about the series begin.

I’m loving the way the story is going in the new books, I do. But I miss how things used to be.

The thing I miss the most is the Brothers. New characters that I don’t really care about are taking to much page time and the serie is no longer focused on the Brothers. It’s depressing. We barely see them, their shellans are basically gone from the stories… It’s sad.

I want family moments , the Brotherhood and the other member living in the mansion doing normal things like what Rhage was saying about them all playing Monopoly (God how I miss Rhage ). I want Brother moments and I want to see them with their loved ones. I need moments with Z and his Young and now Wrath with his boy. That would be so awesome and adorable.

I’m starting to believe that with the way things are going with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series getting these things is a lost cause so I’m really hoping that the new Legacy series will bring the old Brotherhood back , because there’s so many things missing.

Don’t get me wrong I still love this series with all my heart,specially because now Blay & Qhuinn are finally together and Qhuinn is a Brother ( he’s my second favorite brother. It’s amazing how much he changed from this book to The King. Not just him but Blay and John too).

The thing is this is starting to feel like a Band of Bastards series and not a Black Dagger series. I hate that part because I really don’t like any of them.

There’re a lot of characters that I want to get their own books like Saxton and Lassiter and I’m even a bit curious about Luchas (more Qhuinn moments! ) but none of the Bastards make that list.

Then there’s things that simply diapered like the Lessers, the Omega, the Scribe Virgin (not that like any of them but they were part of the story), the Brothers fighting, V’s visions, Rhage and Butch’s curse, the Safe Place , so on,…

I’m probably giving to much though at the negative parts and it’s not fair because these series is amazing but writing about it makes me feel better.

Let’s see how things will go with The Shadows and with the Bloody Kiss. I’m really excited no matter what but I’m praying to get what I want.





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