Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet (Margarida)

Rise & Fall (THIRDS, #4)Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet

At the beginning I wasn’t loving the book. I wasn’t liking what was happening at all.

Dex was hiding something from Sloane and it was annoying me because he knew and he let Dex lying…but then finally they had a fight and they solved the problem. Until that moment I was enjoying the book but after that I started to love it!!!! THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were a lot of things said in this book that were OMG I WANT MORE! This team is going to cause some trouble don’t know what’s going to happen when someone who shouldn’t find out what’s happening does…don’t like this at all.

Loved Calvin and Hobbs moments obviously!!! Omg Dex witnessed some really hot scenes between these two ahahah it was so funny!!!

Cael and Ash !!! Just ahfdsmfgsdmfsjbf,ambsfjsgfkjasb

Loved the last scenes!! It was super funny Sloane confessing what he did and then dex’s father showing up ahahahah loved it!!

5 stars


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