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Ugly LoveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book was nearly perfect! I only had one small problem with it, but I’ll get to that later. Now I’ll start with the good things.


First of all, I loved the way the book was organized. It made the book a lot more gripping and a utter page turner. The way we got to know Miles slowly, seeing him in the present and getting bits about his future to explain the way he acted was phenomenal. And it also left you thinking. And that’s the best part in all CoHo’s books. She can make us think and come up with all these theories, and we all think we are right, she says You wish! and stabs your heart. Until you can feel the pain her characters are feeling. Or as close as someone who hasn’t experienced it can get. This book was no exception.

My favorite character was without doubt Miles. Like I said before I loved the way he was presented to us. Bit by bit. And I fell in love with him just like that, slowly but very very hard. And I finally found out about his past I just couldn’t help it but have my heart broken by all his pain. Poor boy. He didn’t deserve what he got. And most of all he didn’t deserve to feel guilt about it for so fucking long.


I also loved Ian and Corbin. Corbin was just the big brother I adore. And Ian was so loyal and always a true friend to Miles, saying what he wanted and more important, what he didn’t want to hear. I really liked all the moments we got to see them interacting and I wish we could have a chance at knowing them better and seeing their HEA.

My favorite parts were when Miles and Tate were teasing each other. When they weren’t being so intense and actually getting to know each other and laughing together and oh lord. I just loved them and the relationship they built through the book.

I’m wish I could have had the chance to read the book alone, because I didn’t experience the tears part. I never cried. Never. But I know I’d have in the end. That’s the only part I really felt like crying and I wish I could have.

So now the part I didn’t like was…can you guess? The girl, Tate. I know that she was the way she was because that was the only way to have this story. But I still felt like kicking her half the book. She was so needy! She could never be honest to Miles because she couldn’t afford to loose him. And I kinda understand her, because if I had a man like that in my hands I wouldn’t want to give up on him either, but I also don’t think I could lie in the face of the man I loved like she did. Mainly about my feelings.
And I also didn’t like Rachel. I liked her till the chapter we had in her POV. I swear to God I wanted to bitch slap her a hundred times. (view spoiler)

So this was another amazing book by CoHo! I really need to read Slammed and Maybe Someday very soon! I have a feeling I’ll really enjoy them!

To finish, here’s movie Miles, and he’s perfect. At least physically he’s just like I pictured Miles. Now let’s see if he’s a good actor.


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