Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Margarida)

Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Before I started this book my friends were raving about it and I thought “I need to read this book” I started it and I honestly wasn’t liking that much in the beginning it was pretty confusing! But after a certain part OMG I WAS ADDICTED I COULDN’T STOP! I absolutely loved this book!!

The beginning was a little bit slow and so sad!!! I barely knew some of the characters but it was pretty sad what happened.

Omg Darrow ! I’m in love!! I can’t stop thinking about him!! I love how strong he is and how he grew as a character! He was pretty badass and so freaking clever! Loved how he changed so much and how loyal he was with his group. Totally forgot to say how sexy he is!!! *sigh*

I really loved Sevro and Pax!! They were so loyal to Darrow. Pax not so much in the beginning but he was pretty awesome!!

I really want to see whats going to happen between Darrow and Mustang, how Darrow will things end between him and Cassius and what will he do with the situation he’s in now.

5 stars


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