Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski (Carolina)

The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I truly enjoyed this book, it was so beautiful. It’s about a girl who buys a slave. And she stars to get interested in him, learning about him and his life before the war. They start falling in love with each other, but thing’s aren’t easy for them. They have roles to play that are more important than their feelings.

Krestel was so unique. She was brave, she was different from other people, she fought for what she believe and wanted. She didn’t let the society shape the way the thought.
Arin is a rebellious slave who built walls around his heart. He’s mean and cold at first. He is cunning and doesn’t care about anything else but his people.
But when these two start to get involved things get even more interesting. I love how they bonded over so simple and mundane things as music and a game and then they turned their relationship into something else. Something dangerous and forbidden.

I loved how things evolved. I adored their interaction since the first to the last. Their relationship felt real, and I found mesmerizing the way two teens didn’t let their feels in the way of their real purposes. How they got hurt, and hurt each other because there was more important things than the love they shared.

For once he didn’t stop himself. The pressure of song was too strong, the need for distraction too great. Then he found that the music caged behind his closed teeth was the melody Kestrel had played for him months ago. He felt the sensation of it, low and alive on his mouth.

For a moment, he imagine it wasn’t the melody that touched his lips, but Kestrel.

But besides these two we have so much more. Because this book was a love story, but at the same time it dwelt with so much more. The book had war, politics, slavery and ownership. It showed us how slaves were treated and their fight for freedom. What they thought about the world.

I loved that we had dual POV. So we could see what both Arin and Krestel were thinking and they thought of the things that happened around and between them. This way we could see both extremes of society and it was fascinating.

For once there wasn’t a love triangle. Thank God. Even though we had two boys, the drama was never there. And even more surprising, I really liked Ronan. I hope I won’t change my mind. But Jess? I didn’t like at all. I despised how lady like she was.

That last part tho makes me crave the next book! I don’t like how things ended between Krestel and Arin. I hope they find a way around to be together. They probably will have to fight the whole world with everything they have to get a chance at being happy in each other’s arms. But I’m willing to fight with them.

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