#TFIOWBuddyRead Project

So I had this idea some time ago, and I think I’ll finally share it with you so we can try seeing how this works.

First of all this year we are trying to do Wrap Ups, regularly. But the important part in here, is the TBR. Neither of use are any good following those, but we will try harder. And we won’t set a goal too high. I was thinking we could put one to three books we really wanted to read that month and then a maybe list.

Now comes the important part. We wanted to share our reading experiences with our followers. I’d would be awesome to get to know some of you better, and can you think of a best way to do it?!

So we thought of a way for us to easily talk to each other, and the most obvious one was a Goodreads group. I’m not sure if all of you have an account, but it’s easy to create if you are interested, I totally recommend it for all book lovers. Then we also thought that a tag was a good idea. We could use it on Instagram and Twitter, we could share our progress and in the beginning of the month even our TBRs.

Here’s the group!


I’d like you to like this post if you are thinking of joining! And I really hope you do. Because I’m super excited to try this thing out and see how it goes.

Now I’ll tell you my TBR for February:

I’m hoping I’ll be reading more than these, since I’ll have two weeks off school. Some other I might read are:

Winner’s Curse, Ensnared by A.G. Howard, Rebel Belle, a Colleen Hoover book (Ugly Love/Maybe Someday/Slammed), Doon, Starcrossed, HalfBlood, Young Elites, Red Queen, Golden Son.

Or some others. Let’s also see your ideas !

Margarida is also planning on reading Ruby Circle, and Joana wants to read Rise and Fall. Some maybes of hers are: Winner’s Curse, Iron Knight and Mark of Athena.

I really hope you like our idea, and I’d really appreciate some feedback 😀

Let’s read together guys !



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