Endless Knight by Kresley Cole (Carolina)

Endless Knight (The Arcana Chronicles, #2)Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another book for my favorites shelf, are you kidding me Kresley?! Let me say two things, first there aren’t a lot of series with more than one book in my favorites shelves, and second, I never marathon books like this. I usually need to stop after the first, or second book. Then I read some books, and only after that I keep reading. So you are breaking all my rules in here. So far the first two books made it into my faves self and I’m reading all three book in one freaking setting.

When I finished book one, I swore I’d never, ever change my mind about the guys. And now, you made me regret those thoughts. Immensely. Because I fell for Death. Hard. But then I still love Jack. And how can someone pick between these two?! They are perfection. Heartbroken badass boys. Just like I love them. I’m hoping after book 3, I’ll have a my mind set in one of them. But something tells me, it won’t be that easy. I advise that you should write the fourth book as fast as you can. So I can read it and cuddle with it. And probably be mad and cry a couple of times. But I’m so definitely ready for it.

As I expected Evie was slightly better in this book. She was more badass strong and brave. Sometimes she still annoyed me, but not as much as in the first book. Thank God.
This is one of those cases where you have no idea which boy she will end up choosing. She was reasons to distrust both of them. They are both overprotective. And possessive. And sexy and beautiful. I wouldn’t want to be on her shoes about this. I just hope when the time comes, I’ll agree with her choice.

I love how the world of the Arcana is evolving. I really like the cards and how they are supposed to interact and how they end up really interacting. I love the game and its rules. I’m super intrigued about the Arcana that are still waiting to show up. Specially that one whose call only starts broadcasting when he/she kills another Arcana. I have a feeling who it will be. And I have no idea how I feel about it. Even tho, I’m hoping I’m right so I can dwell with those feelings.

I still don’t trust most Arcana fellows. Matthew is a too complicated puzzle for me to try to figure out. At first I tried to understand his rambling but it’s so much nonsense I had to give up. At least like this I’m still surprised about most things that happen. If I understood his words it would spoil the whole book, maybe even the whole trilogy.
Selena grew on me. I trust her more. And I thing she’s a good friend and protector when she wants to be, I still thing there’s more to her powers than what she’s letting on.
The same goes for Finn, at least for the part where he grew on me. I really really like his smartass answers to everything and his jokes and how he tried to make everyone happy around him.
Lark is a hard character. I want to like her. And her powers is one of my favorites. I hope she will prove her loyalty to someone soon.
Btw, Death powers have a Juliette vibe. Not that it isn’t awesome, because I think it’s pretty awesome!

I can’t forget to mention that this book doesn’t feel a lot YA to me! That scene with Jack was hot as hell. And the ones with Death were even more hot, because of all the tension between them, even a shared look was enough to set me on fire. Literally. That’s the thing about these kind of scenes in YA books, I think that when they aren’t supposed to be there, or in so much detail, it makes it so much hot and sexy. I loved it, and I want to see a certain someone finally losing his/her  virginity innocence.

Third book, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

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