Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Joana)



Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy #1) by Pierce Brown

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!



This book…. this bloodydamn book was PERFECT!!!! FAVORITES SHELF FOR SURE!!!! 


I never, never thought I was going to love it as much as I did. In a way it was a complete different book from everything I’ve ever read.

Of course that as in any other book there are resemblances to others but the way things evolved – how it started and how it ended – the characters , the intensity, the thrill and the urgency of the story and the plot… all of it made it an extraordinary and wonderful reading. And to my favorites shelf! 

Pierce Brown also has a very peculiar type of writing things. The new words and the way he made Darrow tell the story are amazing! I loved it! 

I love books like this one , full of action and characters that mess with our head and makes us doubt everything and everyone. I love specially the survival games. 

It’s incredible!

Darrow’s transformation from Red to Gold and terrifying and amazing at the same time.

I never imagined that the Institute would be like this… the Houses, the tests, the games… it’s mind blowing and trilling! 

I’m madly curious to know what happens next. What Darrow and the Sons of Ares will do to cause an anarchy, a revolution and change the system.

Will the lowColors really rise and the Golds fall??

Will dome of the Golds side with Darrow, change the solar system and made Eo’s dream come true?

Will Mustang? Will Sevro? Tactus, Roque, Quinn, the Howlers? 

“I am no martyr. I am not vengeance. I am Eo’s dream.” 

That thing is I have no idea how things will turn out. There are not just cruel and bad Golds, just like there are not just good Reds, and Pinks, and other colors. It’s all so relative. Right and wrong. Good side, bad side. Makes it hard to know who to really trust. 

“Break the chain, my love.” 

One ting I know for sure. The Augustans and the Bellona must fall!! 

Other thing I really loved was the romance. It’s so discrete buy yet so complex and important.

“Sharpened by hate. Strengthened by love.” 

I resent Eo a bit. It was sad when she died because I really like Darrow and it hurts seeing him suffer and change so much because of her. For her. The pain is still there for him but at least now he was Mustang. I hope. I want them to be togetherso she’d better not betray him.
I always kind of liked her but part of me didn’t trusted her completely. I hope that she’s the person I want her to be for Darrow.

Sevro I do trust! He’s the underdog of the group but he’s the one I always loved and trusted the most. His loyalty is the most admirable thing ever. And the boy has skills. 

“I’m the Reaper and death is my shadow.” 

I’m glad Roque is alive but I’m really sad that Pax is not. I liked him and he was loyal to Darrow too.

Don’t know what to say or think about Cassius. I don’t like the Beloonas and I never liked or trusted Cassius but it’s kinda sad the he and Darrow are like this.

Darrow changed so much along the book. The choices and mistakes he made, made him into who he is now. It was not just in appearances that his has changed. I love him more by the minute. 

I wonder if he made a good choice on accepting ArchGovernor Augustus contract. For now he can take them out from the inside but… I don’t know…

I think I’m going to start reading the Golden Son right away. I hope I don’t regret it but because there’s going to be a long wait until the third book.



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