Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton (Margarida)

Mai Tai'd Up (Cocktail, #4)Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton

4.5 stars

Everyone has a dream guy right? Well mine would be a sexy redhead and I loveee animals so it would be really awesome if he was also a veterinarian!! Now can you guess what color is Lucas hair and what does he do??? YES HE’S A FREAKING GINGER AND HE’S A VETERINARIAN!!!!! *dead* I may confess that I probably created a new ocean just with my drooling in this book *sigh*

I think now its time to talk about Chloe…I really liked her!! It was so awesome when she finally grew a pair of balls and told that wedding to go fudge itself! I love what she did saving all those PitBull it made me cry because not many people now what a great dog is a PitBull. Some of them are mean because of the influence of their owners has it can happen with other races, so stop blaming the race!!!!!

Oh my Sophia and Neil showed up!!!!! Yupiii they’re so funny but I confess I would prefer Simon and Caroline to show up 😉

So you know how much I loooooveeee Lucas but there was one thing I didn’t like that he did. I can’t tell you what but if you read the book you know what I’m talking about.

Btw I’m super mad the guy in the cover isn’t ginger!!!!!

4,5 star


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