Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley (Joana)


Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

Hey guys!!

This book was and of the the books my friends gave me for my birthday and it was freaking amazing! 

I’m having a hard time trying to express all that this book made me feel and what did it show me because somehow it was different from all the books I’ve read.

First of all I love Military things! Love it! 

I would never enlist or something like that. I couldn’t take so much responsibility, pressure and that kind of physical and emotional intensity. I’m nothing like Sam, so call it morbid curiosity or something but military excites me! I love reading and knowing things about the Corps. 

So when I saw that this book as about a girl going to a military academy I knew I had to read it.

Sam is such a strong female character. I really liked her. I wouldn’t be able to endure half of what she did.

The fact that people like the ones in Pandora Society really exist makes me sick! Their are twisted if they really believe that is a girl or a gay men that make the military “impure” make me batshit crazy! 

Those bastards!! I hate Matthews and Evers with all my heart and soul! 

It really touched me how big a family they all are. Loyal and there for each other. The camaraderie… It really means a lot to me. 

Sam, Drill Sargent Stamm, Tim, Kelly, Nix, Ritchie, Huff, even Colonel Jonathan McKenna (who I thought at first that he was a dick)… I love them all. Even Amos… it broke my heart what and why he did what he did.

I know that this book was not about the romance but goddamn did think really had to end like that??!? 

So not fair!!!

Drill Sargent Dean Stamm is just a freaking hot and amazing guy!! I love him and I was so pissed at how it ended!!

I really REALLY hope Joy writes a sequel!!

My Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars !! 



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