Rack & Ruin by Charlie Cochet (Joana)

81O85s-3HrL._SL1350_ Rack & Ruin (THIRDS #3) by Charlie Cochet


Can’t freaking believe this ended like this!!


Seriously, what a CLIFFHANGER!!!! This is so not okay Charlie! So not okay!! 

Things were going so well… I already knew the blow was coming but damn!! It hurts!! It hurts so freaking much seeing Dex like that! 

And then there’s this:

“The pain in Ash’s expression matched the one in Dex’s chest. ‘Ash…’ 
Ash pulled him close against his chest and buried his face in Dex’s hair, his words barely audible. ‘I know. I’m sorry, Dex. I’m so sorry.'” 

I’m not freaking okay!!! Part of me is screaming in pain and the other is doing a happy dance because I love how things are turning between Ash and Dex. 

Things were so good between Dex and Sloane : Dex said“I love you” , Sloane bottom for the first time,… they are sosweet, adorable and cute together!!! Ahhhhhh things wereperfect and now… *Sobbing* 

I kind of wanted to shake Sloane for running away from Dex again. But then… awwwwww!!

It also broke my heart when Sloane went to visit Gabe’s grave.

“Good bye, sweetheart. Thank you for everything.” 

Ash, Ash, Ash!! If I didn’t loved him before I do now!Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to kill him a few time during the book but I never doubted him! I knew he was trying to protect Cael and his team. It kills me that thing between him and Cael are this bad. Ash is hurting so much. 

He had a twin brother! And it’s so damn painful and sad that he lost him… This things really get to me , I couldn’t help the tears that fell when he was talking to Sloane.

“He wasn’t just my brother, he was my twin.” *Sobbing even harder*

love Ash’s and Sloane’s friendship. I loved every moment they had in this book. That kind of trust, love and loyalty is epic. 

It’s breaking my heart that Ash is suffering like this… and I’m trying not to resent Cael because I love him too and I know he’s hurting a lot too , but that thing with Seb was low blow. I hope Cael doesn’t end up hurting him too.

I’m also a bit worried about Cael’s safety… He’s pretty badass in his own way, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t have the training that the others do…

I missed Calvin and Hobbs in this book. 😦 I really missed them. Team Cobbs! ❤ 

Hum.. what else do I have to say?!?

LOVED meeting Austen!! He’s AWESOME!!!!! 

As usual Charlie did and amazing job! I always laugh way to much with these books and these characters.

I also end up in lots of pain and crying because Charlie troughs blow after blow and there was a time all I could think was “Ouch! Why don’t you just rip my heart out, it would be less painful.” 

This all worth it, though! The THIRDS is AMAZING!!! 

I love this series so much!! 

I’m ready for the fourth book!! Can I have it now??

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!!



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