Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Joana)


Opposition (Lux#5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

This is over. I can’t believe this is over. I’m going to miss Daemon Black terribly! Already do.
loved this book but I have to admit that when I got to the epilogue I was a bit disappointed . I was expecting something a bit more apocalyptic – like the thing they did to L.A. But the disappointment faded quickly because, guys, that ending…impossible not to fall in love with that ending.

So freaking good, hot and sweet . It warmed me all over.

There’s a couple things I should have done before starting this. Like re-reading the other books and read Shadows and Obsession.

Seriously, I didn’t – still don’t – remember half of what happened before this book. I can’t even remember if I liked Katy and Dee. I know they both annoyed me at some pointbut I can’t even remember why. And the note that Damon wrote to Katy… forget it, I don’t have a clue about what it said.

I also should have read Obsession first because I really liked Hunter and his brother and I was really curious about their story and their world.

Of course I have to fangirl about DAEMON SEXY BLACK! 

My perfect, sexy, HOT, sweet, amazing Daemon! I’m even more in love with him than I remembered. 

So many freaking HOT scenes!!!!! Katy is so damn lucky for having a boy like Daemon. For so many reasons.

I that Jennifer writes such amazing hot scenes . So good! There’s not many YA authors that write about sex this way.

Now.. I need a book about Luc! I love that kid and there’s so many things left unsaid about the Origins. And now with Dawson’s baby girl… it would be awesome if Jennifer wrote a series about them. 

If that happened it would be double awesome because I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Daemon.

I’ll be waiting! *Fingers Crossed* 

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars



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