The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare & Holy Black (Carolina)

The Iron Trial (Magisterium, #1)The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars This book took me so long to get into! I don’t blame it all in the book itself, it sure helped though, but I also wasn’t in the mood for it. And this tow factors added up, made me read this small book through 18 days!!!.

What can I say now that I finally finished it? That it was worth it! The Iron Trial was full of surprises and twists and it was never what I expected it to be. In that aspect it was clearly a Cassandra’s book.

A big problem I had with the book was the characters, I don’t exactly love any of them. Maybe now I like the main trio, and I’m curious to know more about the rest. But there isn’t one I can say is my favourite.

Even though all of this, I really liked the world building, how Mages are organized and the school.
And yes, I did see similarities with Harry Potter, for example, they are three main characters who go to a magic school, and wait here’s the big one. The one no one was expecting. They have magic!!! You weren’t seeing that one coming, were you? Of course you didn’t, because this is the first and last book after Harry Potter to pick this subject. So if you are pulling this off just because it’s compared to Harry Potter you should be picking this book up and read it not for the similarities but for the differences. Because there are tons of them. And the book is worth reading.

I must say I’m super curious to see where this story is going. And how the trio will progress throughout all five books in this series.

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