The Selection by Kiera Cass (Joana)

selection cvrThe Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

First: Team Maxon!! 

Second: The covers of these books are gorgeous!! 

Third: I really liked this book! Way more than I was expecting.

At first it a bit hard for me to get used to the world-building. I kind of remind me in some was of Princess Academyand The Hunger Games. It didn’t bother me though. What was enervating is that I kept forgetting that they actually have technology! Planes, cars, phones, electricity,… I don’t know why but I kept forgetting about it and being like “what the hell” every time something modern was being used.

The book really got me hooked. It was such a light and entertain reading. 

I loved all the process of the Selection, with all the girls and stuff. I really like the characters too. 

Okay that’s not quite true.

I like America. Most of the time. I like her specially when she’s not with Aspen or thinking about him. 

At the beginning I was really mad at her for the way she was judging Prince Maxon. It was so annoying. But like her.I think she would be a great Princess an I really want for her and Maxon to be together! I loved every single moment of them together.

The think is… At end when Aspen is at the palace… I wanted hit her for being with him!

She’s so incised that I have a feeling I’m gonna want to kill her in the next books. 

So America… Forget Aspen and please DO NOT SCREW UP!!!! 

I never thought I would like Maxon this much because I usually never like the princes but damn I do like him!! 

Maxon is so charming and I think he will be a great king some day! He cares so much about his people. He’s a great person and I really like him.

As for Aspen.. I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him either. I kind of want him gone. 

I like the way he cares about his family and how sweet he was with America but I didn’t liked his attitude. I think he was a wrong idea of who America is.

The Selected girls … I don’t like any of them in particularly. Not even Marlee. And I kind of hate Celeste.

I really like America’s maids and I think the Queen is lovely. I would like her to appear more.

I need to read The Elite and The One soon! And I really hope she chooses Maxon!


My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars!



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