A very special haul (Margarida)

Today I have a special guest in this haul…

WP_20141005_014My cat TITA! 😛

I wanted to do something different when I went to take pictures of the books I bought in September my cat was sleeping in my bed so I thought “Why not?!”  now be jealous of  my photogenic cat 😛


The first book I bought was Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton!!! My god I loved this series I WANT MORE SIMON!! I miss him 😦


Kiss of Deception by Mary E.Pearson

This book killed me mentally I want more.


Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas

Do not speak to me about this book I still don’t know how will I be able to wait so much time for the next book.


Last but not least Tiger’s Destiny by Colleen Houck

I so need to buy the first book so I can re-read the first two books so I can read the third and the fourth but the book is so expensive every time I speak about this book I say he’s expensive 😥

I guess that’s it for this ! From now on I wont buy many books because first I don’t have much money second college and third I don’t have that much time because of the second point. BUT I still have some pre orders on the way and obviously I still will buy books because I’m a bookworm for life and want more books in my collection.


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