The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson (Joana)



The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson



It’s been a long time since a book surprised me and shocked me this much.

I’m usually able to see things coming.. the plot, the mysteries. I’m usually good at reading people and knowing what to expect from them.

This time I failed big time!

These two boys screwed up with my head!

I didn’t knew who was who and it was like there were four boys in play and not just two.

I’m gonna try and explain something that even I don’t understand.

We had the Prince’s POV and the Assassin’s POV . I liked the Assassin’s POV and the Prince’s not so much.

Then we have two boys, Kaden and Rafe , what we don’t know is which one is the Prince and which one is the Assassin.

The thing is..  I was so convinced that Rafe was the Assassin – the one I liked – that I totally ignored Kaden.

When I realized that I was wrong and that Kaden was the Assassin my world turned upside down.

I wanted her to be with the Assassin but now I don’t which one of the boys I like more!!

It’s maddening !

Apart of me still wants Kaden because he feels so mysterious. We know nothing about him, his life, his past, his world. And I’m so goddamn attracted to him!

But then we have Rafe, and although I still don’t like his chapters much he is sweet and I liked seeing him with Lia… I’m so confused.

About Lia. Generally I liked her. She’s a tough girl ans brave but sometimes she’s so naive and blind that’s annoying.

The opinion that she has of Venda and the people feels so wrong. Sure some of them are pigs and cruel but not all of them. She doesn’t know enough about them to judge like that.

I loved this book! I enjoyed so much reading it. The world is amazing and although there wasn’t much action the hints that we had along the way are really promising for the next book.

There’s still so much to know and learn. I’m really curious.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars


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