The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (Joana)



The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1) by Alexandra Bracken


Damn!! My mind is blown. I freaking loved this book!

I feel in love with everything in it. The story, the characters, the world,… Everything!!

I didn’t know exactly where I was getting myself into when I started this book but I was not disappointed!

The book had me hooked up from the first moment and only got better.

The Psi powers were an amazing idea! I loved the concept of it all. I guess my favorite ability is the one from the Blues but also the ability of the Oranges . It’s a messed up power and dangerous but I find it fascinating.

I really connect with the characters and my instincts were always correct.

I started by hating and despising Ruby. She was a weak, coward girl. The way she let Sam take the blame for her and did nothing, the way she never defended herself, letting those men touch her… I didn’t like her but when she joined Liam, Suzume and Chubs she got a little better. Or so I thought, because then she started screwing up again and again!  How could she trust Clancy ?? How?? She kept letting herself being fooled over and over! Let him inside her head, her memories, her thoughts,… Stupid girl!

The first goddamn time I laid eyes one him every nerve on my body started screaming telling me to not trust him and I was so right!!

Like that wasn’t enough what she did in the last chapters…Goddamn you Ruby!! Goddamn you!

My poor Liam. I love him! He’s so good! Genuinely good!! The way he wants to protect everyone, how sweet and amazing he is with Zu, and with Ruby.. So comprehensive and supportive even after she lied about not being really a Green.He’s so sweet that I can’t even. And he’s so cute too!! :3

Suzume.. I love that little girl. I was so sad when she left camp and the others but at the same time happy that she wasn’t near  Clancy anymore. I really hope she’s okay.

With Chubs it started a little rocky too but I liked him.He’s a good guy too. I kind of wanted to punch him when he said those things to Liam but he knew he was wrong.

I realized how much I liked him because of tiny gestures he did. When he defended Ruby, the way he acted when he found out she was an Orange, when he saved her, when he  was dying (I actually had tears in my eyes) and then with the blank letter to Lee… He’s a good guy and I hope he’s okay..

I so want to read the next book! I need to know how things will go because that goddamn ending… It’s all so messed up right now!!!

 I need Lee to get his memories of Ruby and Chubs back.

I need the Team back together.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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