Some personal news (Margarida)

Hello everyone!!! A few weeks ago I discovered that I got in college and my college is like 70 km way from home so I had to find a home there…I mean I’m in the college residence and last week I started living there and I had some activities so I didn’t have any time to read or post anything and I’m sorry about that I will try to post things as much as I can but college is hard I already had a class and I have paper to present next friday..and worst of all I don’t have internet in my residence so I’m doomed!!! 😦

I guess this was all I wanted to say for now like I said I wont post as much and I wont read as much but this is life and I have to start working hard to be somebody in life and unfortunately I will have to read less which will suck a lot but I’m still going to read so it will be okay.



2 responses to “Some personal news (Margarida)

    • I was able to fix the problem but after a week I have no internet again!! :/ Let’s see if I can fix the problem for real this time. Thank you I’m gonna need it !! ❤

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