Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas (Margarida)

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


First of all this book is not like the others there are many POVs which was great though at the beginning I was like why do I need so many POVs but then everything starts to be put together like a puzzle you know? I hope I’m right about some of my theories.

Celaena was very different in this book she was broken because of what happened in Crown of Midnight but as we all know she’s a freaking fighter and she did it she overcame her fears and she’s ready to fight!! I hated when she had those pessimist thoughts I just wanted her to fight and learn how to deal with the pain and again she did and I’m super proud of her and the title? I totally get it know! AWESOME!!!

My baby Chaol. I love him I really do and I want him to be with Celaena I hope they will be together they have to I won’t accept any other ending. I think Chaol is very confused right now he wants to go back to the time he didn’t know everything and everything was normal but towards the ending he started to get that he has to accept this change and he has to learn live with it and I need Celaena to tell the truth to Chaol about the missions the king sent her on. Like RIGHT NOW.

Don’t even talk to me about Dorian. Do not. I was spoiled because I was reading a review that didn’t say it spoilers so I knew what was going to happened and it marked me so much I can’t think about it without crying because it’s so sad and twisted and I want to kill the king. And there’s the other thing that happened after his heart was broken and OMG WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN I SO DON’T HAVE A GOOD FEELING!! THIS IS GOING O BE BAD!!!!!

There were some new characters. At first I didn’t trust them but I learned to like them.

One of the new characters is Rowan I already knew about this guy because there some people who said that they shipped Rowan and Celaena. Well I don’t ship them. I think they’re friends really good friends I don’t feel that this friendship will be more than that. So moving on Rowan was awful at the beginning AWFUL but then he starter to softened (kinda) and they started to understand each other and be there for each other and I love their friendship!! I loved what Celaena did for him!!

Then there’s Manon and I did not have a good feeling when I started to read her POVs but now?? I have a feeling she might help Celaena in the future..I hope she does. I really liked her she’s a badass witch!! Her and Abraxos are so awesome together!! And her Thirteen!!!

Aedion. This guy. I though he was a son of a bitch at the beginning but honestly now I freaking love him!!! He’s awesome! He does everything for his queen and I freaking loved what he did to the king though now her queen will have to save him which I don’t have a really good feeling.

Omg one of the things that were great about this book was that there were tons of flashbacks and they were so moving and so devastating sometimes..it really made me realize Celaena is so strong and badass I love her.

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I DESPISE THE KING???? DO I??? BECAUSE I HATE HIM!! I JUST WANT HIM DEAD AND I THINK THAT WILL ONLY HAPPEN IN THE LAST BOOK which will come out in 2017 ahahahahah I’m on that phase where I have to laugh or I will cry forever until I have that last book in my hands
5 stars


5 responses to “Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas (Margarida)

  1. There are SIX!! ARGH! I think I might wait until all of them are released to finish the series. Read the fist two so far and they are fantastic. Huge fan but not a huge fan of a series spanning out over six years….

    • I KNOW! If I had known I would love this series so much and the pain I would feel I would have waited. I heard that next year it come out two of them so that would be great less waiting for us!!

      • W00t! Then I might hold off reading book 3 until next year. 2015 is just around the corner anyway. Let’s see how long I can hold out for.

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