One More Chance by Abbi Glines (Margarida)

One More Chance (Chance, #2)One More Chance by Abbi Glines

You did it Abbi Glines. You did it. She redeemed Grant. I was really afraid to start this book because the first one wasn’t very good to me..Grant in that book wasn’t my Grant but the Grant in this book he was my Grant and I love him so much.

Tough I really liked this book and it didn’t disappoint me there were somethings that I don’t like but it were little things because I can’t even remember them right now.

In the second chapter there was news that shocked me a little bit and I started thinking really? not again.. and now after I finished it you know what I totally understand why Abbi did what she did and it was amazing. I cried like a little baby in some parts it was really emotional…

Like I said my Grant is back!!!!!!!!! He was so sweet in this book and he did everything for Harlow he did really fight for her!! He was amazing with Harlow he was so sweet with Lila…I can’t even :’)

I always liked Harlow and she didn’t disappoint me in this one. Even though almost everyone was against her decision she still did it and she fought for it and she got it! 😀 There was a moment where I was super scared but it ended well. The letters she wrote broke my heart.

I was so surprised when Nan did what she did. So not expecting that!!

Now I need a Mase book and guess what there will be one. Please people who say that Mase would be good for would be a great idea if they didn’t share a father!!! I’m very curious to whom will Abbi match him with.

4 stars


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