Rival by Penelope Douglas (Margarida)

Rival (Fall Away, #2)Rival by Penelope Douglas

I was so excited about this book!!!!!! I loved Tate and Jared’s book it was amazing so obviously I was very curious about this one.

In Bully and especially in Until You you get to know Madoc and omg I really really like him. I love him but it’s like the love I feel for Jared *sigh* though Madoc is great I mean in the beginning he was an asshole but he had his reasons and when Fallon explained what really happened he became super sweet and I just wanted to hug him and trow myself at him at the same time…yup Madoc is sexyyyyyy!!

Fallon in the beginning (the chapter from the past) it seemed like she was a nerd and super shy but then the next chapter from her POV you see that the girl has many tattoos and piercings! I was not expecting that I was already imagining a sweet girl who was super shy but nop she’s none of those things! I have a hard relationship with her I understand the things she did and why she wanted to came back but it still hurt what she did to Madoc and I’m glad that after the talk she had with Tate she went and fought for him!! I loved the sexy txts!! eheh

Fallon’s mother was awful!! Seriously I want to punch her face so many times. She really doesn’t deserve the daughter she has.

There were some things I didn’t like much that’s why I didn’t give this book 5 stars. It was amazing I really loved it but there small things like the lack of communication. If they had talked in the beginning about EVERYTHING so many things could have been avoid.

Omg I loved seeing Jared and Tate!! I so want Jax’s book right now he’s so freaking intense what he did for his family wow!

4 stars


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