Not Fade Away by S.E. Jakes (Joana)

Not Fade Away cover Not Fade Away (Hell or High Water #3.5) by S.E. Jakes


I never enjoyed so much a Truth or Dare game.

Jesus Christ, how is possible not love Tommy and Prophet??

I LOVE Prophet! I fall even more in love with him every time I think about him. I love Prophet and this was so HOT !! 

This was intense in a way and it shows the level of trust that Tommy and Prophet have on each other, and how they reallyknow each other.

“Yeah, let go… got you.”
“I know you do, Tommy.” 

I fucking love how Proph says Tom’s name. He says “Tommy” with so much meaning and sentiment that makes my heart squeeze tight.

“Do I give you what you need?”
“Yeah, Proph. Always. And usually before I know I need it.” 

This as really fun and like I said super intense but with such tender moments that made me fall even more in love. I almost melted.

“Yeah, Proph, you’re always first.” 

Can’t believe that we’re reaching the end of these books. I know we have the crossover with Mal and Cillian and hopefully more books after that about the other characters , but it’s not be the same.

Prophet is so special for me. All he’s going through it’sbreaking my heart to pieces . How he’s loosing his vision so fast and trying to deal with it… It’s so unfair.

“Everyone meets their match eventually.”
“That’s what I am – your match?”
“You don’t know that?
“I like to hear you say it. It’s all I need.” 

Waiting for If I Ever… please October hurry up.


My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars




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