Rogue by Katy Evans (Margarida)

Rogue (Real, #4)Rogue by Katy Evans

I don’t know how I really feel about this book…I felt really annoyed half the book and I really liked the other.

I really liked Greyson he was pretty awesome and sexyyyyyyy! But I still felt like I did with Remy that sometimes he was to alpha male and too obsessed with her..I felt like he was similar with Remy in a lot of ways and I don’t want the same guy (I mean I wouldn’t mind having Remy) I want a different character that will make me fall in love with him and not thinking about the other guy from the first three books a little impossible but you know what I mean .

Now Melanie I didn’t like her very much…I mean I do but I don’t she annoyed most of the time but she can still be pretty funny and I love it… in the end I really liked her in the other books and if you read this one you see that it was kind of facade that she was pretending to be happy all the time just to make other people happy and I don’t like that and I didn’t like most of her decisions in this book.

I also think that Melanie would have made a great couple with Riley but I still liked who she ended up with anyways because Greyson is yummy!

I’m afraid to read Pandora’s book because this series is going on a road that I don’t like very much.

3.5 star


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