Perfection by R.L. Mathewson (Margarida)

Perfection (Neighbor from Hell, #2)Perfection by R.L. Mathewson

I really liked this book I did love him towards the ending but this one a subject that really annoys me. Perfection. Being fat and wanting to be skinny. People judging because of your size. This subject really really makes mad. Just because a person has more meat in the bones doesn’t she/he is fat. Just because one person has bigger hips and big butt doesn’t mean she/he is fat…but no matter how much a person will feel comfortable in their skin there will be always someone on the street that gives you the stink because you look a certain way or you will go to a store and you see something you like but it won’t fit and then there will those guys or girls that will torment you because of your size it doesn’t matter if your skinny or bigger people will always judge and that makes want t punch the person how decided it was cool to judge people.

Moving on this subject was really important because the girl wasn’t skinny she was a bit chubby and people always called her names even the guy Trevor at the beginning was mean he didn’t mean to be but he was and she went on a stupid diet that wasn’t a diet at all…but I loved that Trevor started to realize that she was beautiful no matter her size and made her feel loved and that’s what everyone wants.

So Zoe was amazing! She was super funny and yeah she struggled with her weight but she still kicked ass!!! I loved that she couldn’t cook ahahah Trevor’s face when he proved her apple cupcakes eheh

Trevor always had the plan to find a girl who was perfect in everything o he could make people jealous but you and I that’s not possible YOU will find the person that’s perfect for you and that person will have flaws and he found Zoe she’s not perfect but she’s perfect for him.

Omg I loved Toby and Max they’re so cuteee

I would like to know the reason when they’re banned from buffets and other places! I’m super curious!

I love love the Bradford family! They’re awesome and their appetite is from another planet ahahahah

Again the epilogue was amazing! I love epilogues!

4,5 star


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