Dream Chaser and One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Carolina)

Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter, #3)Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had no idea I missed these books and the Dark Hunter world so, so much! The characters are so amazing, the references to another books stunning, and all the different cultures and species of humanoid creatures are breathtaking. I love mythology and I love badass boys. Sherrilyn Kenyon gives me both and I thank her for that with all my heart.

I loved seeing Ash again, and a little more of Simi‘s family. I loved the references to Katra’s and Kyrian’s books. I miss Kyrian and his family and I wish he had appeared in this book.

I also loved getting to know Xypher, I won’t say he’s my favourite Sherrilyn character, but maybe he’s my favourite Dream-Hunter. I’ll keep reading her books to find out. The girl was okay not my favourite and sometimes she pissed me off. But the character I loved the most getting to know was Jaden! I’m so curious to know more about him and who owns him. I need to know more about his past and I need to see his happy ending. So please, Sherrilyn make it happen.

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One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter, #9)One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars for this book for a simple reason, I didn’t really care for either the main characters.

Zephyra was a bitch in all the ways that counts. And Strykerius was okay, and a little redeemed in my eyes if you ask me, but not enough. I still don’t like him and I despise him for wanting to kill my Ash and Nicky. So a big no for those two.

What I did like about this book was that we saw a lot of Ash and his family, and Nick. And since this is the first book after Ash’s I guess it makes sense. I really think I should have read the books in the correct order because there are a lot of details that I’m only realizing now. But well, I don’t think I could wait to read all the books before Acheron and Styxx. I love those books so much!

Only open this if you read Styxx book (view spoiler)

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