Blood & Thunder by Charlie Cochet (Joana)

bloodthunderlg Blood & Thunder (THIRDS #2) by Charlie Cochet



I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E this series! 

Can November come already?! I need to read the next book I can’t wait that long. Okay considering is not that long but still…I’m totally obsessed and I want/need more! 

This book was amaziiiing. So much FUN just like Hell & High Water and things are getting more intense. The story is heading a path that I think it’s going to make me want to pull my hairs out.I’m even more in love with characters than I already was.

Let’s talk couples.

Dex & Sloane: 

What can I say ? Dex is my love. I can’t get enough of him.He’s so so so fun and I love that about him. He’s so good and honest. Always making others feel better. Always smiling. I love his relationship with his baby brother. I love everything about Dex! 

I like Sloane too but he’s not my favorite. I actually wanted to punch him from how stupid and unfair he was being to Dex. I’m with Dex in that argument. I would have disobeyed Sloane’s orders and go save my teammate too.

I’m not mad at him anymore specially now that he’s finally letting Dex in and that we finally have a pretty good idea the hell that he’s been through. Poor Sloane.:( 

I love Dex and Sloane together! They’re hot and sweet and fun! That Rookie class… I was laughing so much that it hurt.Loved it!

Hobbs & Calvin: 

I’M OBSESSED WITH HOBBS AND CALVIN!! I don’t know why I loved them so much but I do!! Goddammit I was hysterical when Dex caught them kissing! I LOVE HOBBS AND CALVIN. I want too know more! I need to see more. Their relationship… I’M JUST SO HAPPY :3 :3 :3 

We met Hobbs brothers in this book too. Sebastian I really like, Rafe not so much. 

And Calvin.. My sexy blonde sniper … Thank you so much for  killing that son of a bitch!

Sebastian & Hudson: 

Like I said I really like Sebastian. I want to know more about him. His relationship with Ethan and what happened with Hudson. I wouldn’t mind having Sebastian on Destructive Delta again..

I’m still not sure if I like Hudson. I had a weird reaction when I found out that he was the one that was with Sebastian. Let’s see what happens but I really want to know more about what happened.

Cael & Ash: 

Not a couple yet but oh my freaking god! I want this! I LOVE CAEL!! He’s so ADORABLE and he admitted to his brother that he fell for Ash! Also loved the talk he had with Sloane. I really want my dear Cael to be happy with Ash but I’m scared he’s going to get hurt.. Ash is so clueless about his real feelings that I feel sorry for him. I like Ash. Half of the time I want to punch him for being a dick but he’s so good to Cael and such a good friend to Sloane.. And the look on his face when they arrived at the facility… Ash suffered a lot too. 

I can’t wait for the moment when he realizes his feelings. I want Cael and Ash to be happy. Together. 

Well, we can officially say that Destructive Delta his going to be royal screwed when someone finds out about all the relationships going on between them. I’m curious and scared about that moment.

Now the world is ride of Isaac fucking Pearse – thank you again my dear Calvin – it was about time. The psychopathic was getting on my nerves so badly! What he did to that Youth Center… Fucking bastard. Him and all his followers. 

And now we have two more players.. Besides the Order now we have to worry about the Ikelos Coalition and the informantthat’s feeding them information from the inside of the THIRDS. This is starting to look like S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra. It’s going to be ugly… 

I really really need Rack & Ruin Rack & Ruin.


My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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