Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Margarida)

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I was very excited to start this book! A lot of people loved this book so I was super curious about it and honestly I didn’t love it there were parts that I did love but I didn’t love the book I just really liked it.

The first thing that made me not love this book was the main character I admit that I’m similar to her because of the fangirling though I don’t write fanfiction or anything at all because I have to many ideas and I don’t know where to the reason I didn’t like Cath very much was that she was a bit annoying sometimes and I just wanted her to get up and scream at the world instead of hide in her room..
I lived the twin moments though Wren was so mean sometimes I’m so glad that towards the end she got better and they were able to fangirl together again! I love the idea of their names! It’s so cool! !

Now reasons I really liked the book. Very simple LEVIIIIIIIIII (I love his name o love saying it out loud! ) I LOVE HIIIIM!! He’s so sweet and he’s always smiling and loved the moments they had together specially the emergency dance party and when she read to him! ! *-*

I loved that there was a story within the main story! I really wanted to know more about Simon and Baz !! I really the excerpts at the end of each chapter. There was one thing that I wanted to have happen her meeting the author! Or the author emailing her! I don’t know I really wanted to see the author of Simon’s books to interact with Cath.

I actually really liked the ending. It gave the sensation that fangirl never ends and that she will always be a fangirl and write her fanfiction..but I wouldn’t mind if there was a second book or a short story about how things are between Cath & Levi.

4 stars


4 responses to “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (Margarida)

    • Let’s do it!! 😛 She should write an epilogue of 5 years later or something so we could see how Cath’s writing is and how awesome Levi still is, etc.. 😀

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