Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson (Margarida)

Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell, #1)Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson

When I started reading this book I was not expecting to love it so much. It was so damn funny! I spent half the laughing at the crazy things the main characters said and did.

Haley in the beginning was super shy but I got to know her better she’s freaking awesome and funny! I loved seeing her and Jason together how she would always buy extra food because he would steal from her plate. I loved when Jason was being stubborn about something Haley would say Buttercream frosting and the problem was solved eheh he really loved buttercream frosting

Jason was perfection!!!! The way he ate! Ahahahah he’s was always eating and stealing Haley’s food! When she baked him cookies he would go nuts and wouldn’t let anyone touch it.

One of the many things I loved about this book was Jason and Haley’s relationship…they lived next to each for 5 years and Jason was always provoking her but then because of a problem with bees they got stuck together in her house and they started to be friends and became best friends ! I loved how their relationship progressed…when they started dating I was like FINALLY!!

There was somethings that annoyed me in the book and that was they never believed the other loved him/her and as much as the person thinking this did. And the other thing was when they were mad at each other! I was so sad I was on verge of tears a few times…they were so stupid with each other!

Omg Haley’s family was so so so cold! They didn’t even know what she did when was her birthday. But I did liver grandma! She was so awesome!!!!! Jason’s family was so damn funny like father like son ahahah no one believed that he was dating Haley! Eheh

I was not expecting to have an epilogue but there was one and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! OMG IT WAS SO ADORABLE and I knew Mary and Mitch would end up together but I wanted to read their story but the other books are not about them 😦

5 stars


2 responses to “Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson (Margarida)

  1. Hi. Glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t like it as much as I love the second book in the series, ‘Perfection’. I read ‘Perfection’ first before ‘Playing for keeps’ and found ‘Perfection’ to be more emotional and steamier. Overall I really enjoy the work of R.L. Mathewson

    • Perfection was very emotional! I also loved it!! But I still loved the first one more. I love R.L.Mathewson! She makes her characters super funny and I love that!

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