Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Margarida)

Opposition (Lux, #5)Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

It’s really over. The feels right now are very very strong. First of all I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVED IT!! I love Jennifer L.Armentrout’s books! She a wonderful writer I love her stories I love that she writes books with badass female characters. I absolutely love her!

The story as always was amazing!! I was always on the edge of my sit waiting for something bad to happen and then there were the scenes between Daemon & Katy and I just swooned and drooled and took my clothes off because DAEMON!

I was really glad I read Obsession before I started to read this one because that book gives a few ideas of what might happen in this book and it give one idea that ended up happen in this book and it also helped me understand the Arum better..the other reason I was glad that I read Obsession was that the main characters of the book show up in this one and I already knew their story…HUNTER –> hot Arum!

The beginning of the book was really painful!!! I swear my heart broke into little pieces a couple of times..but then Daemon went into AWESOME MODE and kicked everyone asses!!! The rest of the book was full of adventure and fights and cutie scenes! And obviously a lot of painful scenes!!! Dee was one of those characters that was very painful to read sometimes I wanted to punch her because of the way she was acting but then she was normal and I was happy again!! She and Archer they’re so adorable!

Dawson & Beth didn’t show up much just in the beginning and in the epilogue but I was happy with them and you know what if you read origin *wink wink*

Katy in this book suffers quite a lot but she ends up with Daemon so girl don’t you ever complain or I will kick your butt and keep your HE’S MINE boyfriend and omg her house in the epilogue! DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME! A ROOM JUST FOR BOOKS?! I WANT IT !!! 😦 I loved the freaking epilogue!! I want more Daemon though….

I really really need a short story a spin off series about LUC!!! I swear this kid is awesome I love the way he talks eheh he’s so funny!

5 stars


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