Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

I didn’t liked this book as much as I wanted to.

For starts, just like in Acheron‘s book, I was freaking nervous because they were messing with Atlantis. And then I also didn’t connect very well with the characters.

I do not like Geary. She’s annoying and likes to put her nose were it doesn’t belong, and she’s also so stupid! Was she really thinking about freeing Apollymi ?? Stupid! 

Unlike Tory , that I didn’t liked at first but then I started to like and now love that  she’s with Ash that didn’t happened with Geary.

Arik wasn’t one of my favorites either. Although he feel into my good graces for speaking so well of my Ash.

The characters I loved were Katra and Solin . I just love Katra and don’t know why but I really liked Solin too. 

Also loved seeing Hades and Perséfone! I love those two, they are hilarious. It’s sad that they have to be apart for so long.

In the end we had a glimpse of the old Nick . I miss the time when I liked Nick because now I hate him so much!


3.5 star


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