Unleash The Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

* Bad side of this book: no Acheron.

* Plus side if this book: Savitar! And of course Wren. 😀 

I really like to read the Were-Hunters books. I love most of them and Wren is definitely one of my favorite Were-Huntersbut the story doesn’t make me was crazy like like the Dark-Hunters does.

My world spins around Acheron and all the one that I love and that are associated with him like Styxx, Simi, Urian!So on, so on.
So no Acheron = Sad me.

Anyway I reallyyyy loved this book. I love Wren!! And I want a monkey-friend like Marvin! I love him! She’s so adorable!!! :3 

I love that we learned more about the Were-Hunters and that we got to see my baby Savitar. 

This book also troubled me a little because of the Bears. I always really liked them. All of them. For being so nice (some of them anyway) an for being so kind and open but I have to say that after this book and seeing the way some of the bears were treating Wren and really disappointed and I kind of hate Nicollete now. The bitch. Aimee tho, I like her even more. 

Back to Savitar … The author says that we are not ready for his book but I say differently. I NEED SAVITAR’S BOOK RIGHT NOW!!! There’s so much to know about him!!! I need it! I want it! 


4 stars


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