Hushed by Kelley York (Joana)

Goddammit, I’m in love with Kelley York’s writing I’m in love her books and her “sad, broken boys”. 

“… Twisted characters, tragic happening, and bittersweet endings that leave you wondering and crying.” 

That’s an euphemism. I feel as twisted as these wonderful boys for reading and loving these books like I’m loving. So far they are all so complex, bittersweet and revolting. I’m coming to the realization that I’m a masochist because it hurts like hell reading them but I want more! 

At the end if the books I always long for more. 

This one didn’t break me in the end like Made of Stars did but my heart still aches. 

This story and this characters are so complex, this all so twisted, with right and wrong mixed together, so many feelings and thoughts on things so screwed up that I seriously don’t know what to say rather than I loved it. 

Archer and Vivian were both so messed up.

I hated Vivian. Hate her! Even before she really lost it I hated and despised her for the way she treated and used Archer. The way she let herself being used by all those disgusting guys.
I hate Vivian for all she did to Archer. Big and small things. 

And Archer… he’s fucked up too. I was driving me crazy his adoration and that obsession with Vivian. He killed for her for god sake! But I like him. 

Am I a horrible person that I don’t care that he killed but it bothers me the reason with he did it ?
Yes it was a horrible and sick thing what those guys did to Viv and it must been hell for Archer to watch helpless but god Archer… It was driving me crazy that he did everything for Vivian. Only to help and please Vivian. Vivian, Vivian. Always Vivian! It was driving me insane.. Until Evan came along.

God bless sweet Evan. I love him so much! What an incredible boy. He’s amazing and so good. How he’s always there for Archer and always will be even after everything and how messed up Archer is. I love Even for every little thing he said and did. That he lied for Archer’s sake, for every honest word he said to make Archer see who Vivian really was… There’s nothing I can say about him take will do him justice you just have to read and see for yourself.

And holy crap that scene in the shower…. I love shower scenes! So hot and sweet and amazing! I was melting reading that. Grinning like an idiot completely in love. 

After Made of Star’s ending I was afraid that this one was going to have a similar ending so I have to say that you have no idea how fucking happy I am that Evan and Archer ended up together. So, so happy that I feel like crying with relive. 

Those to are so cute together! I want more.. God why did it have to end ?

I’m really in love with Kelley’s books so far. I’ll be reading Suicide Watch soon… Praying for the ending not be to painful… Meaning – let them be together for all that’s sacred!

P.S: Forgot to mentioned. I love that this book was from Archer’s point of view and that he had also one chapter with Evan’s. I really love male point to views.


5 stars


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