Dark Side of The Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Joana)

Oh my !! I really liked this book!!! We’re back to Dark-Hunters main story and I love it! 

This one was awesome because it was different from the others. We have Ravyn that is half Dark-Hunter and half Were-Hunter.A really sexy Panther. And it as set in Seattle and not in New Orleans. Although I love New Orleans it was nice to see other city in the series.

I also loved that we got to see a little more of the Squires.

I’m not sure if I like Susan. She annoys me a bit. I like that she know how to fight and defend herself but ugh she didn’t grew on me. Maybe if I had read the book in English I would have find her jokes and her sarcasm more funny, this way was just annoying.

Now that I’m reading the books but order is doing wonders to me to understand some things that happen in Acheron’s and Styxx’sbooks.
Things like Nick’s stupidity.

I HATE NICK!!! HATE HIM!! No wonder Savitar got rid of him. I wanted to kill Nick every time he opened his mouth!
I hate that he keeps blaming Ash for his death and for everything that happened in New Orleans.
You pulled the trigger that killed you, you son of a bitch! Stop blaming Ash for everything! He even blamed the Hurricane Katrina on Ash. Fuck you Nick. Fuck you so much.

And now I also understand why he had eyes like Ash’s in the next books. Son of a bitch! I hate Satara. I hate Stryker and I hate Nick. 

Nick is one step closer of becoming re Malachai and more infuriating book by book. 

I got to admit that I got excited with the perspective of a little Nick/Stryker sexy action but then Stryker pushed Nick to Satara and my enthusiasm died. What a shame. 

As usual I wanna fucking Kill Artemis. I hate her! I hate what she keeps doing to Ash. 

My poor, poor Ash. My heart aches for him. Knowing so much about everything and not being able to change and stop the bad things that he knows it’s going to happen. He keeps loosing his dears Dark-Hunter and friends. With a lot of them doubting him… Poor Ash. I can even imagine how hard must have been to him walk away from Cael without saying a word of what was about to happen right after he lost Belle.

Dammit, I love my sweet Acheron. 


4,5 star


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