Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Joana)

This was nothing of what I was expecting.

It took me long to pick up this book then and it also took me a while to finished because of school things. And then I finish the book a while ago and once again took me really long to write the review but damn…It was so worth reading this book. I loved it. 
I love the world, I loved the Cinderella retail, I love how Marissa Meyer created a whole new and exciting story but that we can still clearly see the the important bits of Cinderella’s story, a story that I remember so well from my childhood.

One of the things that I most loved and that really, really surprised me is the POV’s in this book and how it ended.

You see, I started reading this book and initiated The Lunar Chronicles Series thinking that this was going to be like a book about one character at the time. A couple were each of them got their happy ending and in the next book we were moving on to another character and another happy ending. I couldn’t have been more mistaken! 

The ending left me speechless. I was so not expecting it to end like that…

In the basis story line, small things that we can make theories about it was kind of predictable. I took me only a few chapters to  find out that Cinder was the Princess and that she was Lunar. But that didn’t bothered me.

Cinder surprised me too. When I start a new book I’m always expecting to not like or even hate the female character but in this case that it didn’t. I actually really like Cinder. She was a spicy little thing. Sarcastic. I like that. The only thing I didn’t liked much about her was that she was always trying to hide that she was part cyborg.

It was so annoying! Especially because she was hiding it from Prince Kai. That she was hiding the Lunar part, yeah okay I get it but she was ashamed of showing that she was cyborg was just annoying.

Prince Kai …. I did not fell in love with him. I really like him and I think he’s pretty good but he disappointed me a bit in the end. But hell in the way thing ended we don’t actually know what he was really thinking..

Now stating the obvious … I hate Queen Levana, and most of the Lunar’s that we met. I hate Cinder’s stepmother and her stepsister (don’t remember her name).

I like her other sister, Peony, and It was sad that Cinder watched her die like that. I love Iko!! She’s so funny!! Can’t wait for Cinder to find her a new body. I also like the Doctor. He’s Lunar and kind of crazy but I like him.

We met Cress briefly. Don’t have a exact opinion about her it wouldn’t be fair but it seemed that she cries a lot. -.-

Also found out that Winter is Queen Levana’s daughter… or something… Poor girl. Can wait to met her.

I really love that the characters are being introduced so soon and that all of them have an important part in all the books. That their stories continue and that she get to know more about them along that way. 

I need to read the others and finally met the famous Thorne. 😀


4,5 star


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