Remy by Katy Evans (Margarida)

Remy (Real, #3)Remy by Katy Evans

I absolutely loved the first book! Remy was WOW I spent the whole book drooling and I gave it 5 starts because I was able to ignore needy Brooke. The second I also loved but not as much as the first one and Brooke was really annoying. Now this one I really liked but I didn’t love it.

One of the things that I didn’t like much about the book was that sometime Remy could be really possessive. I know he’s an alpha male and I love but sometimes I felt it was too much. Then of course there was Brooke I’m so glad I didn’t have to inside her head but she was still too needy and sometimes looked like a kid.

Now to the parts I liked! They’re too many! I loved the moment they met it was so OMG . My favorite parts were the present chapters eheh when Racer slapped Remy it was so funny!

I would like to know why the next about some Grayson and Melanie and not about Melanie and Riley I seriously thought they had a thing. And Brooke’s sister (I really don’t remember her name) and Pete? No book? though these ones o really don’t. I’m not a big fan of Brooke’s sister.



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