Dair by R.K. Lilley (Margarida)

Dair (The Wild Side, #3)Dair by R.K. Lilley

Finally I have some answers!!! This was a long ride to know the truth and to be honest I had a feeling about who she was and I was right though when I finished the second one I had no idea but then I started to read reviews and I read that said she knew who she was and I don’t know why my brain made a click.

I was almost having a mental breakdown because of this book If I had read one more time “I can’t tell you that” I would have exploded I really don’t know how Dair was able to remain so calm.

When I found out the truth (CHAPTER 13 YOU GUYS!!) I was surprised first because I was right eheh and second the why she was hiding because when I thought about who she could be this is really hard to explain without spoiling you I never really believed the person I thought she could be would really be her but I’m glad I was right and I liked how it was discovered. Ahahahah Dair’s reaction.

After I found out the truth I realized that Iris was a bit of a stalker. But anyway I still really like her and I loved what she did to prove a point to Dair GO GIRL!

I loved the epilogue!! It was so beautiful!!! *-* I’m so so so so so happy this had a happy ending it was really frustrating having to wait for the answers but it was worth it and now I think there’s going to be a book Turner, Dair’s friend, and Heath so I’m super excited about it!



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