Giveaway SWAG Elizabeth Briggs WINNERS!!! (Margarida)

Hello everyone!!! So as you may know we made our first giveaway last month and it finished today!!!! I’m here today to announce the winners!! I’m really sorry you didn’t win you will have others changes 😉 I already told the winners that if they don’t answer me in 48 hours I will have to choose another person.

I already contacted the winners but I thought it would be nice to announce it on a post so here they are:

  • Diogo Campos

  • Andreia Lopes

  • Silvia Amado

  • Amanda Assenza

  • Catarina Abreu

I hope you like your prize I know it’s nothing special but it’s something and the bookmark it’s really pretty so 😀






4 responses to “Giveaway SWAG Elizabeth Briggs WINNERS!!! (Margarida)

  1. Congratulations to the winners. You guys are lucky. Congrats too, Margarida for making this event a successful one. I hope you will have another with book as a prize again. 🙂 🙂

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