Tamed by Emma Chase (Margarida)

Tamed (Tangled, #3)Tamed by Emma Chase

I loved loved the first book in this series. I’m completely obsessed with Drew, he’s one of my favorite book boyfriends. This story was about Drew’s best friend Matthew. Did I like his story? Yes I did but did I love it? not really…it was really good but I didn’t like as much as I did like Drew’s story but still was pretty good. It was pretty awesome seeing Drew and Kate’s story from a different POV.

I was really curious about Matthew and Dee’s story because Dee looks she’s a bit crazy I think if she and Alexandra got together the world would end. Honestly Dee disappointed me in this book. I still feel like I don’t know her that much and I was expecting her to be super crazy and do all this crazy things. The only crazy thing about her was her clothes the rest I think she was pretty normal and that’s why I was disappointed. I mean she was crazy sometimes but most of the time she’s was pretty normal. I wanted crazy Dee.

Matthew was amazing!! I really liked him! I loved how he was with Dee and he wanted to show her that she could trust him that he wouldn’t hurt her. I liked that about him. I also liked that when Dee would try to push him way he would be like I don’t care how much you push me way I will always be here. It was totally kickass when they got mad at each other he said If she wants me she’s the one to come to me. She has to be the one to realize that she needs me and that I wont leave her or hurt her. I really really like him.

There was on thing I didn’t like much about the book and that was it was too short for me. The story itself was 221 pages that’s so so so so short I wanted more.



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