More Than Forever by Jay McLean (Margarida)

More Than Forever (More, #4)More Than Forever by Jay McLean


Okay okay *deep breath* I’m alright now NOT REALLY. So I can definitely say this is my favorite of the series. I loved both Lucy and Cam in the others books and I was super curious about their story and now that I know more about them I love them even more.

Cam was am awesome surprise! In the other books he was super funny talking about what were Lucy preferences in bed and what they did BUT NOW OMG OMG OMG OMG ASDFGHJKLSHGDSJGHD I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH! THE THINGS HE DID FOR LUCY!! GOD MY EMOTIONS WERE EVERYWHERE! I DON’T THINK I SAID IT BEFORE BUT I LOVE LOVE HIM!I don’t have anything else to say about Cam just that I need one for Christmas are you hearing me Santa?! I WANT A CAM!! And a Jake and a Logan…

So if you read any of my other reviews of the books in this series I always say I love Lucy and I do! She’s so awesome and so damn funny! She’s just like us!! A bookworm and I love it she’s always reading even if people are talking to her she just nods and continues her reading that’s exactly what I do and I loved being connected with her in this way. The things she says when she’s drunk ahahahah this time she said one thing that I can’t stop saying

“Twinkle twinkle little whore close your legs they’re not a door”

Oh my and her younger brother was suspended from school and you know why? Because he sang to his teacher Let it go of the Frozen movie and it’s not a bad thing right? Wrong he sang another version “Let it gooo filthy hoooo” ahahahahah this family is the best.

Moving on from what I thought of the characters lets talk about the story itself. I loved it. It was so freaking heart breaking because the things they go through and the lost and HOPE and I just…too many feels that’s what this book was. Their story made me laugh like a lot sometimes I couldn’t’ stop because the things they say were hilarious and obviously I cried like a baby. I loved their story how they met how they fell in love. Everything. Loved the ending I hope they can do it! And why can’t my father buy me a bookstore?!

Sooo at the end of the book there was a little excerpt I think of the next book BUT I STILL DON’T KNOW WHO IS IT ABOUT! I hope it’s about Dylan and Heidi. I really need to know they story because I feel like I don’t know them as well as the other characters so I want their book. And damn Dylan seems so intense and mysterious me gusta 😛

I devoured this four books in the last couple of days and this series became one my favorites ever and I think I will never write a good review about these books because there is so much to say so may good scenes that I just don’t know what say. This writer WOW I will always read her stories because she can always make smile right after I cries my eyes out and her stories so moving and amazing I can’t wait to read more of Jay McLean’s work.

5 stars


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