Home The Hard Way by Z.A. Maxfield (Joana)

I really like this book it got me caught up in it but there was some little things that I didn’t liked much. Details more involved with my personal opinion in the subject but that end up having a really impact to my opinion of the book. 

First of all I have to say… Small towns like this creep the hell out of me. I would hate to live like that. Gossips all over, generations and generations of families that lived there, everyone controlling what you do and who you’re with, not to mention all these weird pacts and cover up deaths and god knows what more.

How can adults ignore what’s right in front of them just because they know someone from the family for a long time?? How can adults close there eyes to all the bulling going on in there town ? Bulling so bad that a kid almost died? How can they ask a little nine year old boy to not say anything to anyone about his mother’s death after he saw the whole thing ?

I seriously don’t understand and it really disgusts me in a way. I didn’t trust any of those people. Tony, Jack,… Everything coming out of them felt like a lie to me. 

Lyddie and Finn were the characters that I loved more.Lyddie was amazing. So strong and kind and fun. Even with the terrible disease that she had and knowing that she was dying she was the most optimistic, cheerful, supportive, open minded,… I can’t even find the right words to describe her. I wish I was like her. 

Finn… I really love him. He’s kind and such a good boy. I hate that he suffered so much. I hate that basically no one but Lyddie saw the amazingly good man he is. How he took care of his aunt. Always so caring and good. I never doubt Finn. Not once. The only thing that left me a little bit.. disturbed? Disappointed?… don’t know exactly what word to use, was the D/S thing. 

Like I was saying it’s a personal opinion. I’m not against it and can even enjoy it sometimes, in certain circumstances. It’s not really the sex that bothers me is the “Master” thing. That kind of control and detached from emotions. The vulnerability that one is put through and that sometimes feels like humiliation… I don’t like that. I’m a person that relies on emotions and feelings. Equality. Touchy-feely. And I really don’t like that “Master” talk, safe words and stuff like that. Rough sex? Foreplay and some kinks?! Bring it on. But this… Have some troubles with it.

The way Finn was acting and wanting that control.. Really not my thing so it bothered me. When I saw the way Finn was acting with Bill and even with Dare that first time.. I was just like “No. Please don’t let it be like that. I don’t want there relationship to be like that”. It felt so out of character… I was so not expecting it. 

They didn’t even had shared a real kiss until some pages of the end! Me that I’m such a touchy-feely person was doing nuts! 

I agreed with Dare every time he was pushing Finn to a real relationship. With connection, contact, feelings, nuzzling and cuddling evolved. I like cuddling, sue me! 

The ending changed a bit what I was feeling…

I really enjoyed their first real kiss and the moment after.That moment even they were really together. Both of them controlling things. Waking up together… I love that. 

That scene and the Lyddie/Finn moments were actually my favorite parts of the book. 

That’s the problem with stand alone’s to me.. When I’m actually loving the way things are going, the book ends. It was a great ending. Sad because of Lyddie but I’m really happy the way things where settling between Dare and Finn. And I need more.. I wanted more moments with them together and being sweet. 

Although I agreed with Dare about what he wanted in a relationship and I really liked him for how he helped Finn when they were kids, there were some other things that I did not liked very much about him. Namely his drinking, the way he kept doubting Finn (loyalty, trust,… Are also very important things to me) and.. I think it’s pretty much it. The lack of real communication between them bothered me.

If not for the issue with the D/S I think I could have enjoyed this book even more. It’s not just about my personal opinion in the matter – wish to be clear again I’m not against and I can even enjoy in some cases, It’s just not something that prefer – It felt like it didn’t exactly fit in the story line and the characters.. It just didn’t felt right.

Anyway it was a nice read, I enjoyed it and I’m forever loving how amazing Lyddie was and how sweet and kind Finn was to her. 

*** This title was kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ***
4 stars


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