#First Impressions #Second Chances by Heidi Belleau (Joana)

I enjoyed this more that I was expecting. Shame it was so short and ended right when things were stating to get interesting.

I didn’t related with Jonah’s fashion obsession not even a bit. Okay I didn’t related with Jonah at all. I didn’t even liked him much.

God I don’t even like to spent money on clothes. Not that I don’t like dressing well and dress up from time to time but jean, tops, sweaters and All Stars are all I need to make me feel good.

And it still takes so much damn effort to pick what to dress the next day I don’t understand how Jonah can pick up outfits like that.

#Me and fashion have a bad relationship #Okay more like I hate spending money on cloths #Also I’m really lazy 

The Tumblr thing – comments and hashtags made it a fun read. It was different and I liked it. 

Sebastian I did like!! He was popular but good and kind and not ashamed of who he is.

#I love the name Sebastian btw 

One other thing: #I fucking hate bulling! 


4 stars

I got this ebook for free on Riptide Publishing for free you can go and download it too. 🙂




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