More Than Him by Jay McLean (Margarida)

More Than Him (More, #3)More Than Him by Jay McLean

I loved this book But I didn’t like the beginning very much because Logan wasn’t there. I just wanted my Logan.

Again this book was really emotional this writer really knows how to make you feel what the characters feel. I cried a few times because the characters were so heart broken or so happy that only thing you could do was cry with them.

I still remember Logan from the first book that asshole changed so much. My heart broke for him so many times. What he experienced no one should. I loved seeing him get better and how Amanda helped him.

Amanda is still awesome. I really admire her for being able to forgive so much but I guess that’s what happens when you love someone so much you just forgive them because you can’t live without them.

Amanda & Logan’s story broke my heart so many times. They were good then bad then good again then badass again…etc…just like a rollercoaster and I’m so so so so happy they finally have their HEA.

Btw thank you Amanda thanks to you I really need gummy bears right now but I don’t have them! 😦 (a few hours later I convinced my mom to buy me some eheh)

5 stars


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